10 and 1 best PS VR Game Part 2


The cool arcade game was included in the list of the best gaming projects for VR glasses thanks to its spectacularly, the ability to choose music and other features.

Why collects a lot of good reviews:

1. The task of the gamer is to cut musical rhythms enclosed in cubes with two energy swords. Figures fly out of them to the beat of the music. The goal is to score maximum points without losing the rhythm of the blows: it is important to hit where the arrow shows and to keep the color of the cubes and swords in line.

2. It is necessary to beat not weakly, since the blow may not be counted.

3. There is a table of records, which not only makes it possible to boast of their own achievements, but also to assess the level of other gamers and choose a record in order to surpass it.

4. You will definitely not get bored during the passage, in addition, swinging virtual swords, you can warm up well this way.

5. Just only at the beginning: towards the middle it becomes “hot”: the number of cubes grows, there is chaos.

6. A sense of rhythm and attentiveness, as well as a good reaction – that’s what gamers need to get through. This is the very option when computer games can be attributed to the type of active recreation.

7. Runs on PS4 consoles , as well as on a PC.


For fans of adventure shooters with survival elements who are bored on this planet, and fans of alien travel, this is a great opportunity to explore an extraordinary world and fight for your life.

The gamer becomes part of the story of an unknown pilot who is sent to a space station where research is being conducted. Further – the classic: everything does not go as planned, and the central character with the rest of the people who were at the station are thrown into an unknown planet with unfriendly inhabitants. The task is to survive and return home.

Note : sharpened for PS 4 (Slim and Pro).

Why in the ranking of the best:

  • In addition to full immersion due to a well-developed plot with high-quality cut scenes and dialogues, as well as virtual reality technologies, naturalism adds the ability to use a special controller for consoles from Sony – AIM.
  • Smooth transitions from cut scenes to the game – another plus to the atmosphere of the project: just like a “movie” was shown, and then suddenly you find yourself in the thick of things.
  • The indescribable beauty of the virtual universe, in which, despite the far from positive events, you want to return again and again. A lively sound of the wind, disgusting creatures – frost on the skin is guaranteed.

Attention! Access to the planet is prohibited for the faint of heart. In the process of gameplay, when there is an active battle or falling scenes, it can get bad – but this is another plus for realism. Even those who have passed ” Resident Evil ” will certainly tickle your nerves.

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