10 and 1 best PS VR Game Part 3


It is recommended for sci-fi horror fans. Gamers will have to explore an abandoned spaceship-station, on which crowds of zombies and mutants have already settled. It’s simple: kill or die. The task is complicated by the fact that the central character is rather weak physically, in contrast to the enemy. But the main character is much smarter – and this is his superiority. The appearance of the enemy is terrifying, therefore, playing in VR glasses, you need to prepare for a constant feeling of anxiety and outright fear.

What is good about this exclusive for PS 4:

1. The project turned out to be quite atmospheric: disgustingly beautiful – this is how you can characterize the creepy game world that a gamer will take on a journey.

2. Excellent optimization for VR: no excessive eye strain or dizziness after long gameplay. It is easy and convenient to pick up objects and aim at the enemy with your gaze. An important detail is the interface, which is integrated directly into the game: if you wish, even the map can be opened not with a separate button, but by approaching special terminals on the levels. This is another plus to immersion in the virtual world, which enhances the effect of presence.

3. A sense of progress: at first you will have to behave carefully, hiding from the enemy, but in a couple of hours of gameplay you can replenish your arsenal quite well. There is also character leveling. Well-developed tactics will facilitate the passage, but you should not forget about the impending dangers: a second relaxation can cost the character his life.


An interactive tale of friendship, courage and adventure. Despite the childish design, adult players speak well of it. Still would! The atmosphere of the game is really cool, the gameplay is also captivating from the first minutes.

Why in the ranking:

  • This is a 3D platformer with a glimpse into every corner, rather than the typical first-person version of VR games. The gamer gets the role of the reader – a ghostly figure, and the mouse is also under the control of the user – the central character.
  • The reader not only controls the movements of the mouse. Motion controls can be used to interact with parts of the landscape. The power of the reader is realized in the form of a shining energy ball, with the help of which you can lift, move objects and even influence the subconscious of opponents.

Note : you can play not only on PS4, but also on a gaming laptop or PC.

  • Wealth of the world: the project turned out to be one of the most believable and beautiful in the category of VR games.
  • Both the world around and the character’s animations are well done. All emotions are alive. You can even scare a mouse if you bend over to her behind her back: the mouse will jump up and start scolding the gamer.

There are many puzzles, and the balance of difficulty is observed.

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