10 and 1 best PS VR Game Part 4


An atmospheric VR anti-stress toy is a great way to unwind after a stressful school or work day. A popular game from the past in a new format.

Why it is advised to play:

  • “Space” visualization of the background, futuristic design of figures and harmoniously blended soundtrack make the gameplay special, immersing the player in a light state of trance and peace. The feeling of travel between unknown worlds does not leave.
  • Variety of Modes: Journey isn’t the only option. You can find other variations with different entertainments on the menu. Countdown – suitable for those who do not like to wait for a long time for the cleansing stick line – here such figures periodically fall out just like that. In Purify, the gamer has a glass that is only half empty. And several squares are infected and they must be eliminated. Mystery is another option with random effects.

Note : only owners of the fourth PlayStation will be able to play – the game project is developed exclusively for this console.


First person adventure game. Gamers have to solve a variety of puzzles based on physics and logic, which is not so easy to do. For fans of “wiggle the brain” this game will be one of the best options. The project is tailored exclusively for the 4th set-top box from Sony.

Why is the VR game included in the rating:

  • Mysterious and eerie gameplay atmosphere. Full immersion through VR technology makes it special. It attracts and frightens at the same time. It makes you nervous, worried while solving the puzzle and rejoicing when the task is finally completed.
  • Difficult logic tasks will certainly not seem boring and monotonous.
  • It will take not only ingenuity, but also attentiveness. The clues are often in front of your eyes, but they are not easy to understand.
  • Thinking outside the box comes in handy too. Sometimes, acting in a formulaic way, you can get even more confused.

Tip: in order to compact and neatly place the attachment, a special vertical stand is useful.


Railroad shooter horror is an offshoot of the popular Until Dawn. The goal is to survive. “Not very funny slides” – the attraction is not for the faint of heart. Discussing the plot is not a good idea, because you can spoil important points. For those familiar with Until Dawn, there are many twists and turns that are interconnected. Gamers who are not familiar with the main product will find it equally interesting.

The best qualities of an exclusive game project:

1.  Gamers have to find themselves in the subconscious of a madman who terrorized teenagers who were resting in the estate. All this is presented as an amusement park in which the player rides in a trolley. Acquaintance with a non-trivial world comes from the first person.

2. The player gets into the shooting game using virtual reality glasses. The effect of presence does its job: the terrifying atmosphere, which is complemented by the appropriate audio sequence, the effect of surprise and other elements, literally pervades. Do not relax: the further, the worse. Blood flooding the eyes, ghosts from nowhere, and other tin are also not a pleasant sight. In general, gamers are advised not to play after eating. And after the game you will hardly want to eat.

3. 7 levels, each of which lasts about 20 minutes – more than enough to tickle your nerves. Each level has its own boss, which is very difficult to kill. 4. You can use the PS4 joystick or motion controllers for control. Judging by the reviews, it’s still more interesting with two moves.

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