10 and 1 best PS VR Game Part 5


A game project perfectly optimized for virtual reality, not devoid of originality. Rigs invites gamers to take part in the fictional sports of the future, taking part in the battles of manned vehicles, which are held in special stadiums. This is not only a sport, but also a good shooting game.

The main parameters of the sports simulator:

  • Piloted robots are divided into classes that affect the play style. You can move slowly and “take your own”, using brute force, or use double jumps and carry out devastating attacks from heaven. The dimensions of the robot are no less significant than its category.
  • At a critical level of damage, the player is automatically ejected from the two-legged car.
  • 5 stadiums are enough. The field for strategic experimentation is significantly expanded due to the diversity of architecture.
  • Users not comfortable control of a PS 4 game pad or movie, no dizziness during prolonged VR gameplay.


A pleasant surprise for Jurassic fans. You need to play as a teenager Robin – the only one who managed to survive the crash of a spaceship.

An unforgettable first-person adventure awaits the gamer in a unique world filled with dinosaurs and robots. Here you want to explore every corner and get acquainted with representatives of the local fauna. By the way, the process of getting to know them is very interesting. But these are not the only reasons this VR game stands out and is considered one of the best.

Why recommend:

1. Admire the work of the artist and the study of the surrounding world. Getting on the game planet and starting the process of studying it, you may not notice how the line between the real and the virtual world has been erased.

2. The duration of the gameplay, filled with various tasks and puzzles, is 5-7 hours, which is very decent for a VR project. Emotionally, the game gives you much more than 50 hours spent in most popular games without the support of VR glasses.

Note : You can play on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and on your gaming computer. And so that when playing on the latter, the mouse does not freeze, you should supplement it with a quality gaming mat.

3. The gameplay is very interesting. Searching for robots, studying local residents and collecting information about them are carried out using a multi tool, which is also used to interact with objects. The robot assistant helps the main character, which makes the gameplay even more diverse. Each game will give you a lot of emotions. In the best projects for VR included in the rating, everything is great: the elaboration, and the soundtrack, and the gameplay itself. Almost all of them are tailored for PS 4, but there are also non-exclusive ones that run on PC.

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