Playing with VR glasses is something. Such pleasure is difficult to compare with anything, because such games allow you to plunge into an unusual world entirely and get a total effect of presence. This article will tell you what exactly to play for the console owners of the fourth “Sonek”. Here are the features of a dozen of the best gaming projects sharpened for VR. Some variants run on computers as well.


Minibots, familiar from the demonstration of The Playroom service, received their own full-fledged space in the game format. Adventure adventure is the best way to relax after a hard day.

The plot is simple. The gamer gets the role of a robot who care freely had fun with a friend and other minibots in space until an evil alien arrived, who broke his friend and took his VR glasses. After the fight with the uninvited guest, only one robot remains – the central character. The goal is to find friends and the wreckage of the ship while traveling across different worlds.

The main parameters of the game:

  1. Each of the worlds is divided into stages. After passing them, you will have a meeting with the boss, if you defeat him, the next world opens.
  2. All worlds and levels are unique and beautiful in their own way, thanks to which the gameplay is quite varied. The cartoonish decoration adds a special atmosphere.
  3. Excellent study: footprints in the sand, the movement of the grass when moving over it, the environment reacts to actions, which contributes to an even deeper immersion. In general, virtual reality in all its glory.
  4. You shouldn’t ignore the collection of bots, which are very cleverly hidden, as they open up boss battles. If there are few bots, you will have to replay the level.
  5. Saturation is the strong point of the game. Secret areas, coins to spend on entertainment and collectibles, and tons of other surprises keep you busy.
  6. Designed exclusively for PlayStation 4 VR consoles.


Decent multiplayer in 4×4 format for fans of tactical military shooters. Created specifically for VR glasses, the game entered the rating of the best because of the interesting gameplay and high-quality study.

Main characteristics:

  • Gamers are divided into two teams: one protects the PC with information, while the other focuses on taking over two access points to hack into the server. After the end of the round, teams switch roles. If a player dies in battle, then he does not revive until the next round, but simply observes the operation. All battles are fought on small, well-built maps, and rarely does one half last more than 3-5 minutes of real time.
  • The game is perfectly optimized for VR technology. Tunnel vision during movement and jerky movements are taken into account. Antialiasing mode is available.
  • In addition to the multiplayer, there is a campaign against bots and a training mode for newcomers to the shooting range.
  • In addition to the game pad for the 4th “Sonya”, the exclusive supports Aim PlayStation – a gadget in the form of a futuristic rifle with integrated move.

Each of the characters has unique abilities. It is possible to customize the hero. The number of available characters increases as you progress through the game, taking into account the rating.

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