Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is fun and has interesting activities, but it’s also somewhat irregular

Destiny 2’s Dawn Season hasn’t been bad at all. I know, it is still running until next March 9th and I speak as if it had already ended, but the reality is that this ninth season has given us practically everything we had left if we stick to its official calendar buy destiny 2 raid boost. It has been and is being somewhat irregular, that’s true, but it has also left us with some of the most amazing moments of all those experienced in Destiny.

After focusing on a Vex attack during the previous season, Destiny 2 has taken us on a journey through time in the current one. And time travel is always cool, everyone knows that. In fact, this trip has not only been the excuse to assemble the most monstrous puzzle Bungie has ever created, but also to fatten the ego of each of the players through a time paradox that, at least for me, took me by surprise and I liked it.

The big surprise that the time paradox was hiding is that, by getting into the galleries of time to help San-14 in the past, we became his example to follow. The stories told of a mythical guardian who saved St. 14’s life and fought like no one else. Until now we didn’t know that this important figure had been ourselves by traveling back in time. Without knowing it, we have been a damned legend during all this time. Wonderful.

It has been Osiris who has brought us this season’s activity, called The Sundial, as well as The Time Galleries that we have had to travel through during the campaign. Leaving history to one side so as not to make any more spoilers, the truth is that this scheme adopted by Bungie whereby each season is independent of the previous ones suits the game very well.

That is to say: the seasons not only add history, but also have specific activities that can only be accessed during those months (in this case from December 10, 2019 to March 9, 2020). This means that once the ninth season is over, The Sundial will disappear and give way to a new activity for which we have no information at the moment.

This is interesting because it is a way of giving a greater variety to the game with activities directly related to the plot. The Sundial, in this case, is a cooperative activity for six divided into a series of phases by time that must be completed as quickly as possible. And it has another twist that is also very interesting: instead of getting a random reward, The Sundial allows you to choose from a series of weapons when completing it.

But be careful, in order to have the maximum options when choosing a reward you have to link a series of obelisks distributed in four planets with the one located in La Torre. That is to say: the activity of this season is closely linked to the rest of the activities it has brought with it. Get fractaline by making contracts, improve the obelisks of the planets by depositing this fractaline and unlock two new weapons per obelisk that you can claim at the end of a game of The Sundial.

At the beginning this loop had all the appearance of being tedious, but in the long run it has turned out to be fun. The new weapons can also be obtained by carrying out your own contracts, but since The Sundial counts as a weekly challenge and is fun to play by itself, it’s great to have access to all those weapons as a reward. Weapons are legendary and have random advantages, so try the usual: try to get many until you find the one you like and that comes with the best advantages.

A somewhat irregular season

Apart from everything I have been saying, this season has brought us a couple of exceptional weapons whose adventures have been really disconcerting and have contributed to this Dawn Season being somewhat irregular.

On the one hand there is Ruina del Diablo, a gun whose exceptional adventure is probably the shortest we have seen so far. It can be completed in a few minutes and left us all wondering what the hell happened. Normally, these exceptional adventures consist of many steps, sometimes too tedious, with the excuse that if the reward is very good, you have to earn it. Perhaps the secret is there, because the truth is that the Devil’s Ruin is probably one of the worst exceptional weapons in the game…

And on the other hand there is Bastion, a fusion rifle that has proved to be a very good exceptional weapon, especially in the Crucible, where with a single shot we can massacre any rival. The rifle is cool, yes, but for a week the only way to unlock their adventure was to solve a puzzle. The biggest puzzle that Bungie has created to date and a real madness that has only been possible to decipher with the community collaborating like never before.

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