Top Sony PlayStation 4 games – Part 2

Final Fantasy IX

Part 9 of the Japanese RPG series is the case when Fantasy was really the final of the three parts released for PS, aside from the Tactics section.

The Best parameters:

  • Cool scenario: the user finds himself in a world called Gaia, where several nations are at war. The queen made all this mess. It must be stopped and the war stopped.
  • There are more traditional fantasy elements. This affected the atmosphere, but not for the worse. The spirit of the original game is more pronounced, but at the same time, everything looks fresh.
  • A lot of platforms: the game is being played not only on the fourth consoles from Sony, but also on mobile devices, as well as PCs, Xbox 1 and Nintendo consoles.

God of war 2018

The cult project in the style of adventure action was deservedly named “Game of the Year” at The Game Awards 2018. The main mission of Kratos, the central character, is to fulfill the last wish of his beloved, who died. The player will have to overcome a lot of obstacles, coping with the difficulties that have arisen in different ways.

Note : The hit is created exclusively for PS4.

Why it is advised to buy – 5 main reasons:

1. The character has become “alive”: character, motivation – the creators have worked hard on all this. Kratos is harsh, and the methods of raising his son, which can be traced in the dialogues, deserve special attention. The son of the main character helps him to complete missions.

2. The supporting characters are also well-developed.

3. Accidental deaths are rare: now everything is connected with the context. In general, the gameplay is thought out as much as possible.

4. Added a weapon – a rune ax, which also serves as a boomerang. With its help, you can freeze the enemy, or come up with another punishment for the enemy. This weapon can be upgraded and the tuning options are varied: the ax has three slots for runes, active and passive.

5. The game has more levels to improve skills: a branch of development is provided for almost every ability. 100% pumping of each skill is rewarded with a useful “bun”.

Grand Theft Auto v

Immortal creation from RockStar in the genre of adventure action is not in vain included in the rating of the best games for PS 4. However, this game is also on other platforms. The project has achieved overwhelming popularity and is not losing ground thanks to the huge open world and other cool characteristics.

Why is it recommended to play:

  • The main roles went to three, completely different from each other, characters. Habits and lifestyles are fundamentally different, but they are united by common affairs: robbery, the fight against organized crime and confrontation with law enforcement agencies.
  • The gameplay makes it possible to control the selected hero in 1 or 3 person modes.
  • The ability to switch characters both during missions and outside them.
  • Game character can act freely: it is possible to move around the endless expanses of the map on foot or on purchased / stolen vehicles, play sports, get tattoos in salons, go to hairdressers or go shopping.
  • Online mode allows you to use up to 30 users simultaneously. There are both cooperative and competitive missions.

Horizon Zero Dawn. Complete Edition

Exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4 game console, created in the best tradition of Action / RPG, gives gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a post-apocalypse world controlled by dinosaur-like robots actively destroying the world. The main character decides to prevent the new “owners”.

Why I collected a bunch of positive reviews:

  • The extraordinary open world is amazing: its detail and scale cannot leave indifferent even the most corrosive skeptic.
  • It’s easy to lose track of time in the virtual world of this game. Not only the main missions are fascinating, but also the process of exploring locations in those rare moments when the storm of battles subsides for a while.
  • There is no monotony here, but, on the contrary, there is a need to think over actions, and better – a few steps ahead. Defeating the enemy is not an easy task: it requires a strategy.
  • Graphics, FPS and Resolution – even cooler on PS4 Pro. The complete game has been specially enhanced for this console.
  • The story add-on The Frozen Wilds – the already huge world is getting bigger, more costumes and equipment. And also – a new mystery that the heroine has to unravel, and a new threat to be prevented.

Injustice 2

The project takes the player to the DC Comics universe. This game is very popular among fans of the fighting game, but it also received positive reviews from gamers who prefer original stories.

Why in the top selection of the coolest games:

  • The plot is twisted, which is not typical for this genre. The goal is to resolve the conflict between Superman and Batman, who are deciding what to do with the alien that harmed their planet.
  • Two ending options and only the gamer can decide whether Batman will defeat Superman, or vice versa.
  • You can choose from 30 characters.
  • There are also plenty of locations, in general, to play is not to be overplayed.
  • Convenient control: you do not have to memorize complex combinations for combos – you will need to use three buttons at most, there are no special requirements for pressing speed either – everything is quite simple. It is comfortable to play with both a game pad and a mouse and keyboard.
  • Each character has a unique signature hit.

For winning each battle, the hero is rewarded with coins that can be spent on equipment, which opens up great opportunities for customization: there are a lot of equipment options. You can uniqueize the character to the maximum, both in terms of appearance and in terms of abilities.

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