Top Sony PlayStation 4 games – Part 3


A project for fans of platforming with puzzle elements. The central character – an unnamed boy – moves forward, coping with numerous obstacles.

The first game of the creators, Limbo, gained wild popularity, and although the developers could not bother and make Inside a clone, they achieved the perfect balance: the second game turned out to be similar to the first and at the same time different enough not to drive the gamer into boredom.

Why in the ranking of the best:

  • The game is original: it has no familiar interface, health indicators, lives, no superpowers. The character can die by falling from a height or being injured. The goal is to avoid direct collisions with the enemy and hide in cover. After death, gameplay continues from the nearest checkpoint. Everything seems to be simple, but seriously addictive.
  • The product came out quite atmospheric, and the lack of a background and a hint of what the plot is about allows each gamer to imagine and interpret what is happening in his own way.
  • The game seems to be created for those who would like to feel the worst nightmare: anxiety, sticky fear, as if flowing down the spine – all this is felt in reality.

Spoiler alert! If the player finds and disconnects 14 hidden “spheres” with connected wires during the passage, the secret ending will open.

  • Not only owners of four Sony consoles can play, but also desktops, as well as the owners of Xbox 1 and Nintendo. The game is played even on smartphones and tablets.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Action-adventure created exclusively for the lucky owners of PS4. The storyline is not connected with comics, but this is not a reason to be skeptical about the project: the product was a success. Plus, there are references like Tony Stark suits, Avengers Tower and the like.

Plot and features:

1. The game takes the gamer to New York, at a time when 8 long years have passed since the main character acquired superpowers. A gang war begins when the protagonist helps the authorities take Wilson Fisk under arrest.

2. The graphics are top-notch. Cut scenes transition from cutscenes to gameplay, merging into one whole when needed. All these features add a cinematic feel to the game.

3. A completely new level of animation in comparison with the previous parts.

4. It will be possible to play not only for Spiderman, but also for Peter and Mary Jane.

5. The story is measured, but not boring. Thanks to this, there is a great opportunity to get to know the heroes better.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A successful combination of adventure and stealth action. It is not only the huge world that attracts here: other features of the project make it one of the best.

Why buy:

  • The plot is gripping. Snake, after coming out of a nine-year coma, wants revenge on everyone involved in his fall. To achieve this goal, he will have to participate in covert operations in Afghanistan and on the Angolan-Zairian border.
  • Realism and graphics ahead of time: the level of detail is high, even in comparison with the acclaimed fifth part of GTA.
  • Famitsu, GameSpot and IGN rated the freedom of action and variety of mechanics the highest score.
  • Not only owners of PS4 and Xbox 1 consoles can play , but also owners of previous series of consoles – the third and 360, respectively. The project is running on computers too.

Monster Hunter: World

The Action / RPG style game won worldwide popularity for a reason. The goal of the gamer is to destroy or catch monsters on behalf of the “Study Group”.

Why it is advised to play:

  • The hunter’s capabilities depend only on his equipment.
  • No loading screens: each area is one huge map.
  • Single player and multiplayer are supported. 4 players at the same time on one task is the standard, but up to 16 gamers can be in the guild hall at the same time. It is also possible to create your own guild, including up to 50 players.
  • The strength of the monster depends on the number of gamers: the more there are, the more difficult it is to kill it.
  • Multiplatform is also a nice feature: both those who are used to consoles and those who play on PC will be satisfied.


The multiplayer cooperative first-person shooter (in some cases – from the third) captivates gamers with its parameters. One of the best games is pretty easy to learn and to get involved in the gameplay. But it will take time to reach the maximum skill, and this is another reason to return to it again and again.

Interesting : in June 2018, Matt Burns’s book “The World of the OVERWATCH Game” was published.


  • The gamer becomes a participant in large-scale events. The plot is as follows: in the not too distant future, a global conflict arose between people and machines. A special squad of heroes was created to prevent its consequences.
  • A bright, interesting world that you want to explore in as much detail as possible.
  • Many interesting characters with unique superpowers and roles in the team add points to popularity.

Advice : there is no console yet, and there are so many games – it doesn’t matter. Many PS4s come with at least one hit, and in this version there are already three per terabyte, and there is also a three-month subscription to PS Plus.

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