Top Sony PlayStation 4 games – Part 4

Persona 5

Another impressive RPG from the land of the rising sun. This is the 6th major game project in the series. The universe is the same as in the previous parts, but the plot is not connected with them.

A PS4 game that will go to PlayStation 3, it’s an interesting mix of turn-based RPG and dating simulator. The gamer is assigned the role of a teenager who gathered a gang with friends. Its members do not agree that people are forced to wear masks that hide emotions. They tear down their “protection”, awakening their true self and the power hidden behind it. It is used to help everyone who needs it.

An interesting fact: within a week from the start of sales, the game was sold out in a record for the series of 337 thousand copies.

Why in the top of the best:

1. Characters, locations, interface – everything looks impressive.

2. The game is simply huge – it will take more than 100 hours to complete it, but this time will definitely not be wasted. You will have to wander in the universe through the human world and through dungeons inhabited by monsters – human emotions.

3. The backstory of the protagonist is one of the key moments of the storyline, which, in fact, is not typical of the franchise. The experiment was a success: the tone of the narrative became much darker, which gives the game atmosphere a unique flavor.

4. For the first time, the emphasis is made on topical social conflicts. Topics are absolutely diverse: from conflicts between fathers and children to sexual violence in schools.

Rayman legends

The platformer is a direct continuation of the Origins part. Rayman and his friends slept carefree for a century. During this time, the dark magician who managed to survive after the explosion grew stronger. A dozen princesses and one of the character’s friends were kidnapped by an army of nightmares. We’ll have to save both them and our own home, leaving the enemy no chance to win.

Why the game became a hit:

  • There are enough levels and worlds, despite the fact that at first glance the game seems a little short. Their design is insane, but in a good sense of the word.
  • Locations become available fairly quickly and it is not necessary to travel through them in a certain order. In addition, due to the richness, you can go through the locations more than once: it is not so easy to find and collect everything.
  • Each level is unique: in one you have to float in the air, and in the other you have to swim. There are also speed missions.
  • The co-op from Origins also migrated to the Legend.
  • You can play not only on Sony consoles 3 and 4, but also on other consoles, as well as on a computer.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A cinematic western action-adventure. The gamer plays as the coolest shooter and gang leader, known for a series of daring robberies and going through a difficult period.

Why in the ranking:

1. Detailed main characters and smart NPCs: everyone has their own habits and character.

2. Cruel scenes and the pace of life – in the spirit of the time. The atmosphere is excellent.

3. Shooting and weapons – also taking into account that era. The mechanics correspond to the circumstances: it is much easier to shoot back from the enemy crowd from cover than from a couple of ill-wishers while riding.

Note : the game is played only on modern consoles, like the first Xbox and PS 4.

4. Although almost half of all gameplay is movement, gorgeous views and unexpected encounters do not let you get bored.

5. Attention to detail: you have to cook at the stake, take care of the horse and weapons. You will also have time to shoot plenty.

6. It is impossible to predict the development of the quest: even around the corner, which is passed 10 times, something happens on the eleventh.

Rez infinite

An original musical shooter for music gamers. The project takes you to the world of the computer network of the future, where information is controlled by artificial intelligence. But the system crashes.

You play as a hacker, whose goal is to troubleshoot the system before a disaster occurs. Getting rid of viruses, breaking the protection, the hacker moves towards solving the problem, along the way changing the musical accompaniment of the game in real time.

Note : the popular game is tailored for PS4 and Android.

Why in the top of the best hits:

  • An original, at the same time crazy and mesmerizing visualization.
  • Shooting and mixing at the same time is an interesting solution: the enemy, attack and location, and with them the player, are at the mercy of the rhythm.
  • The project is recommended for playing in VR, but you can also play on a regular screen – the picture looks especially wonderful in 4K.

Rocket league

The multi-platform project is at the same time a dynamic race based on football. This is not another serious football field trampling simulator. There is a field here and a ball too, but you need to drive it into the goal with a machine similar to those controlled by the remote control.

Why is it recommended to play “football from the future”:

1. Matches for 5 minutes and no divisions into halves, as in classic football – even if time is short, the gamer will have time to play.

2. The football driver does not just roll around the field trying to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. Jumping, jumping and accelerating is also possible.

3. Fights in the fight for the ball, as a rule, turn into an enchanting dump. In the standard version, teams are divided according to the 3 by 3 scheme, but the maximum number of players on the field is 8: this is even more fun.

Shadow of the colossus

The cult game, which was introduced back in the days of PS 2, later migrated to the third Sonya, and then to the PlayStation 4. It is popular among fans of the Action-adventure and puzzle genre. According to the plot, the warrior Vender, in order to save his dead beloved, must find and destroy sixteen “colossi” – giant creatures.

What is interesting about the game:

  • The hero has to go around a large-scale world on horseback. Enemies are located in 16 different points, reaching which, the gamer can admire the beauty of the area.
  • A new look at the classics – what used to be technically on the verge of fantasy has now become a reality. The game “came to life” and became what it always should have been: the colossus became huge realistic creatures, and not as before – a semblance of living stone sculptures. The world as a whole has also changed.
  • The natural picture and the significantly increased level of detail make it possible to feel the atmosphere even deeper. This is the case when it is better to see everything with your own eyes and, preferably, on a good monitor.

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