Top Sony PlayStation 4 games – Part 5

Shovel knight

A platformer for fans of old school gaming from the Dandy era. The product is not for fans of realistic graphics. But this is one of the best options for those who are nostalgic for the days when the 8-bit set-top box was a miracle of technology. The utilization for the projects of those times is perfect.

Top 3 reasons why the game was ranked:

1. The platformer combines all the developments of the genre over the past thirty years.

2. The goals and objectives are simple: the spade knight – the main character – has to save his beloved. He will have to beat the monsters and fight other knights. In the city, you can buy an upgrade and chat with citizens who will give advice.

3. Locations, bosses, opponents are well-thought-out. Each level has its own feature. The perfect balance between fun and complexity without elements that are impossible to get through and that cause game pads and consoles to collapse in a fit of anger .

Note : Except PS4, available on Nintendo as well as Wii U.

Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 5 – The Vault of the Traveler

A real present for fans of science fiction and adventure, with action and humor, in a fabulous design. The last part of “Tales from Borderland” at the moment explains everything unsaid in the previous parts: the mystery of the plot with an unknown pursuer in a hat is revealed against the background of a serious conflict with a new and rather original threat. The game made it to the list of the best for its excellent graphics and excellent presentation. Even musical inserts do not make you want to interrupt them.

Why buy:

  • The characters are detailed, the “lighting” is correct: as a result, the game looks just great.
  • The feeling of an interactive movie makes the gameplay even more fun.
  • Multiplatform: the game runs on anything: from x boxes and PlayStation to computers and mobile devices that run on both android and iOS .

Tetris Effect

Retro in a modern format. The visual design and soundtrack are impressive, as well as the presentation of the idea. The game entered the rating of the best hits for a reason: it is popular, addictive and allows you to feel nostalgia.


  • The game is adapted for VR devices. You can do without them, but only the impressions of the visual effects, which are well-developed here, will not be so bright.
  • Journey mode lives up to its name: the user simultaneously folds figures, erasing lines, and travels through different worlds, erasing horizons.
  • A soothing atmosphere is created by the close connection of visual effects and musical accompaniment. From the reviews, it looks like meditation programs.
  • Designed exclusively for PlayStation 4.

The last of us remastered

Updated cult survival horror project and action adventure in one. The gamer finds himself in a world where 20 years ago there was an outbreak of the activity of a parasitic fungus, which destroyed almost the entire civilization. The chic atmosphere is one of the reasons for the popularity of the exclusive for PS4.

Three reasons to buy:

1. An interesting plot. The main character, named Joel, helps a young girl, Ellie, go through what is left of the United States in search of a vaccine for the disease. Due to the hostile survivors, this is not easy.

2. This is an excellent addition to the previous parts of the plot, which at the same time paves the way for a new, no less exciting storyline full of secrets and mysteries.

3.60 FPS versus 30 frames in previous versions of the third Sony console – even more realistic graphics, smooth and responsive controls.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / Blood and Wine / Hearts of Stone

This multi-platform project, based on the series of novels of the same name, is the final part of the trilogy. One of the most iconic games of the past few years is still not losing ground. And the Game of the Year edition gives you the opportunity to kill even more monsters and visit even more locations.

Best hit parameters:

  • The game very deep plot: it is not enough to kill a monster, you need to establish connections with other characters, and change plans and take into account the weather.
  • Spacious and realistic open world. Hiking or horseback riding in the area gives the gamer the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Physics does not lag behind the level of graphics, ahead of time.
  • The NPCs came out alive – they worked great.
  • Diversity. Three options for the ending and epilogue – it all depends on the decisions made by the gamer. There are also off-plot interactive tasks.
  • Boring, comfortable gameplay, a variety of weapons and the need to apply tactics – that’s what the player expects.
  • The set includes not only the most complete and new version of the Wild Hunt, but also the additions of Stone Hearts, as well as Blood and Wine: even more surprises.

Titanfall 2

Released right between such cult games as Battlefield Call of Duty, the project went unnoticed by many. And in vain: Titanfall 2 definitely deserves attention. Fascinating fantastic shooter from the first person worth to buy for those who like “space” genre and quickly tired of the monotonous gameplay.

Features of the cult game:

  • The main character’s dream – to have his own tame titan – comes true. This is where the “fun” begins. The goal of the central character is to eliminate the local analogue of the Death Star, directed by the enemy to the planet Harmony, and thereby save the militia and another 40 million people.
  • The old school action movie came out of high quality. The atmosphere evokes pleasant associations with the legendary first and second Half-Life.
  • Thought-out levels, search for non-standard solutions: here you will have to use all the mechanics – mindless shooting from the side from the cannon is indispensable. All this makes the gameplay awesome.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The final part of the action adventure – the last game on the list of the best, but not taking the last place in the ratings, will appeal to fans of the treasure hunt and the original virtual world.

The main features of the game :

  • The plot immediately prepares for difficulties: Nathan Drake goes with his brother to Libertalia – the kingdom of pirates, which is not easy to find in the jungles of Madagascar.
  • Cool graphics and atmosphere.
  • Freedom of action: the gamer is free to create almost whatever he wants, both in battle and while walking through the amazing virtual world.
  • Created exclusively for PS4.

All 30 games are not in vain included in the rating of the best. Some of them are popular because of the plot, others because of the “mood” or comfortable gameplay, and still others because of everything at once. It is rather difficult to recommend something specific: game projects of different genres were included in the top selection, there are even options for retro. In general, there is something to replenish the collection, and not only for those who play on PS 4, but also for gamers who prefer other platforms.

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