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How to add to your collection of games for a PS4 owner? Yes, many things are possible. This collection contains as many as 30 popular game projects that go to this console. Many options work for other platforms as well. In general, there is plenty to choose from.

Battlefield 1

A multi-platform first-person shooter based on the events of the First World War. Anyone wishing to become a part of military history will be very pleased to have such a copy in the game collection.

Why the game is considered the best:

  • Stunning realism of geometry and attention to detail.
  • Updated graphics – even more cinematic.
  • The multiplayer mode has been significantly improved compared to Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline. The single-player mode is also well implemented.

Tip : having appreciated all the charm of this shooter, you can go directly to the next one – V.

Bloodborne / Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

This is an add-on to Bloodborne, an action / RPG game that is exclusive to the PS4 console. The gamer gets the role of a monster hunter. The goal is simple: find and destroy bosses. Classic, but with a bright original presentation.

Note : You don’t need to buy The Old Hunters separately. It comes with the main game in the Game of the Year Edition.

Why it is recommended to buy the version with the add-on:

1. Supplement includes three new locations that reveal deeper the main storyline. Access to them is opened only in the process of defeating a certain boss: in a dream, the main character receives a hidden object that helps him to go to a hidden location from the expansion.

2. Even more equipment. In addition, a variety of weapons have been added to the arsenal of hunters.

3. Positive reviews and high ratings from critics: on Metacritic, the add-on received 87 points out of 100, and on the GameRankings aggregator, it scored 87.16%.

Dark souls iii

An Action / RPG-style masterpiece originally from Japan is addictive. The hit is liked by players because of the twisted plot, cool graphics and excellent gameplay. In general, the game got into the rating of the most popular for a reason.

Why it is advised to play:

1. Large-scale labyrinths and swamps, where it is easy to get lost, have replaced small dungeons and pretty glades. To search for hiding places and hidden paths, you will have to use attentiveness and wake up the inner Sherlock: to look and knock on every little thing that arouses suspicion.

2. The set of starting classes has been changed for the better: any, even the simplest, equipment turns out to be quite effective in practice.

3. The power of enemy attacks will not let you relax. Even experienced defensive fans will have to “sweat” here.

4. Not only console players can play it, but also computer owners.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

The hit, now multi-platform Action / RPG project has evolved. Now, not only PC owners, but also owners of Playstation 4 consoles can truly enjoy stable 60 FPS and, of course, cool graphics and gameplay. Without these characteristics, the game would not have made it to the top.

Main parameters:

  • Comfortable gameplay and excellent optimization – there is no trace of the fact that the project was originally designed for PC.
  • The controls have been improved and the overall balance of the game has undergone major improvements.
  • The interface was also adapted for the console: the playing field is unloaded, the scale of health and additional resource are correctly grouped.
  • The multiplayer mode is another feature of the console option.

Dishonored 2

This cool first-person RPG stealth action project is popular for its interesting storyline, easy-to-use gameplay, and freedom of decision-making. The action takes place in the Island Empire fifteen years after everything that happened in the first part.

Key Features:

  • The ability to choose who to play: a young empress deprived of a throne or a defender of the crown.
  • Each character has his own unique abilities that can be pumped during the passage.
  • The style of passing – “stealth” or open conflict – the gamer is free to choose to his taste. Judging by the reviews, many go through the game several times to try all the options.
  • Like the previous part, the game is played not only on the PlayStation, but also on Xbox and on a PC.

Divinity: Original Sin

A role-playing prequel to Divine Divinity with consistent gameplay. The goal of the heroes is not to leave a trace of the “Source” – insidious magic.

Why was included in the rating of the best:

1. The world is almost 100% playable: items can be combined to get new ones. A broom and a knife, for example, can be used to make a spear.

2. The user plays for two heroes, which he creates at the very beginning. The gamer has a choice of characteristics, including gender, appearance and hero skills.

3. Battles are based on the classic, so-called. “Old” mechanics: action points, free attacks and bonuses for character interaction.

4. Four people can play in multiplayer.

5. Multiplatform: the game can be enjoyed by both the owners of PS4 from Sony and the owners of the Xbox 1 console, as well as computer gamers.


The shooter that caused a lot of noise is back thanks to the efforts of Id Software. Crowds of angry demons, weapons of unprecedented power to turn the enemy into “stuffing” – everything for which gamers fell in love with the old hit, now awaits you in a modern improved format.

Top features:

1. Games of “hide-and-seek”, and anxious waiting in an attempt to recuperate – in the past. The gamer has a solid arsenal and an advanced hand-to-hand combat system. There are many ways to eliminate the enemy: it all depends on the ingenuity of the player.

2. There are three add-ons available: Unto the Evil, Hell Followed and Bloodfall.

3. Gamers have access to weapons and maps, as well as all the innovations, including an update that improves online gameplay, as well as an arcade mode. 4. It goes not only on PS 4 (Pro and Slim), but also on other consoles, as well as gaming PCs.

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